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Today - September 19, 2021

Transmediale for refusal
REUSE >> REFUSE is an audiovisual series bringing the dimension of sound into the discourse on refusal. The series invites four artists to activate the disregarded, unproductive, and leftover in order to assert the value of what is often seen as waste. Each of the contributors has been asked to REUSE >> REFUSE, to produce something new out of what was previously rejected or left on the cutting-room floor. ringing together contributions by Lamin Fofana, Moor Mother, KMRU and Sarvenaz Mostofey, REUSE >> REFUSE will be published in the Almanac for Refusal as well as on the website of NTS Radio  on 21.09.2021.

Refuse and refusal converge in that they both are situated outside of what is considered productive or generative. If refusal traditionally marks a break from an existing status quo through individual or collective acts of withdrawal, refuse is normally considered the residue of, or the leftover from, an act of transformation. They are thus both used to describe acts of rejection, avoidance, negation, yet insist on an alternative or a demand for reform. As refusal can be seen as a demand for an alternative, for new possibilities, can what has been deemed as refuse hold those possibilities within it too?